16 July, 2024

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Post-Graduate Diploma in Education Technology (PGDET)

Minimum Duration: 1 Year
Maximum Duration: 3 Years
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


The eligibility condition for this programme is graduation in any discipline.

With the passage of time, technology mediated education is becoming the norm rather than an exception. This is true not only for distance teaching and learning but also in situations involving face to face teaching and learning. Today it is necessary for teachers and trainers and those associated with the development of educational soft wares to gear up for educational processes that embed technology. The programme, Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology (PGDET) has been developed to provide knowledge and skills related to this area.

Objectives of the Programme

This programme aims to develop a cadre of teachers and other professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills for organizing teaching and training with the help of appropriate technologies. The objectives of the programme are as follows:

The programme will help the learners to:

  • Develop an understanding of the nature of educational technology and its impact on teaching and learning;
  • Build up an awareness about the various educational technologies and their pedagogic uniqueness;
  • Develop the skills needed for making optimum use of the technologies enabling collaborative practices and sharing of educational resources;
  • Make judicious selection of technology and integrate it successfully in the instructional system;
  • Develop the know-how of designing and developing courseware for various media.  


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