18 April, 2024

Regional Centre


General Activities performed at, Lucknow Regional Centre :

  • Pre-counseling to the aspired learners
  • Admission Activities
  • Learner support services
  • Conduct of Induction Meetings
  • Participation in national & international educational fair
  • Publicity and promotional activities
  • Establishment of learner support Centres as per need and demand
  • Conduct of teleconference/video conference
  • Conduct of Viva-voce for BCA-MCA
  • Conduct of Term End Examinations/Practical Examinations
  • Organizing Convocation function at the State level
  • Organizing Extended Contact Programme for PGDHE
  • Collecting the assignments of resubmission and get them evaluated
  • Administrative Counseling
  • Conduct of Orientation Programmes
  • Conduct of Coordinators Meeting
  • Conduct of Seminars/Awareness Programmes
  • Liaison with various Govt./Private organizations/NGOs
  • Renewal of Coordinators/part-time staff
  • Identification of Academic Counselors & Project Evaluators
  • Placement assistance
  • Coordination between IGNOU headquarters and Study Centres
  • Organizing Interactive Radio Counseling